Wednesday, August 25, 2010

do you sleep...wipe..or...

ever thought to yourself..
wow...i just had the biggest crap of my life...and am exhausted..
now i wipe or do i fall asleep ..sitting on the toilet as the crap gets hard..and dries to
the brown eyed monster.

and...what happens if i look to the left..or right..or in front of me..and realize...
the brown cardboard is staring at me...and is not dressed with white fluff.
i have the answer.

you wipe if you can.
falling asleep on the toilet sounds like a good idea..until you wake up ...and forget you had crapped...and you pull up those wonderful knickers you bought ...thinking they were sexy...just to have them covered in poo.
and ...if that brown cardboard stares at you...and you think..using a towel is a good idea...i will punch you.
hop in the shower..
spread them cheeks...and clap your booty to the sound of water tapping that tucas.

i told you i had the answers.


  1. Oh my god. the first to comment. Spank my black A$$

  2. haha. really? did you start a blog just to get that off your chest? it's so you. i love it

  3. i did...start a blog..just to get that off my chest... now you have a visual..of someone clapping their booty in the shower while poop chunks go down the drain. sweet dreams;)