Tuesday, August 31, 2010

wind to crotch

okay..sooo..do you have this problem?
do you have an air vent...sitting directly in front of you as you try and poop.
how can you relax...HOW CAN YOU RELAX.
when the air conditioning is jet bluing at you like you want to be cooled.
i know pushing is strenuous..i really do...
my poop rarely comes out like my favourite, diarrhea.
it is mainly hard and stick like and it enjoys cutting open my butt hole.

but i really do not need air conditioning blowing at my crotch to make it come out ..
as a matter of fact..i am almost positive...that the air conditioning blowing directly at my crotch..
some how is absorbed through my skin..and sent to harden my crap..so it never comes out.
i can not relax and poop when i am shivering.
i am not saying i love the hot hot hot heat..while i poop..because than it just smells awful.
well, not awful..i feel the worst smell in the universe is poop smell attempted to be covered by lysol.

and ...who likes to poop with their pants at their thighs still...i mean..if i did...air conditioning to the crotch..would not happen..it would be blocked by pants....
i like to poop with my pants and knickers off...i am just more comfortable that way..
especially when i have to pull up the legs to canon ball the poop out of me.

anyways...i guess i could just close the vent ..before i poop.
look at that..
i do have the answer after all ;o)

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