Saturday, November 13, 2010

drippN phlegm

as i sit here and cough up giant hard booger balls stuck in my chest..that taste disgusting.
you know how you sometimes have to do that in the morning..
something is stuck in your throat..
so you are trying..with all your hack up the hard snot covered in contracting your throat...and trying push it up your throat..
and finally comes up..
and the like...the smell of someones breathe that has had their mouth closed for a month.
that is the brilliant taste i am speaking of.

i go back to the other day...
when this happened
boogers needed to go
so i spit them out in the trash..
except...they did not make as i saw my loogy drifting to the ground
because it drifted...since spit was still stuck to my lip
the next thing you know.
the janitor comes out in me..
and tries to catch the phlegm ball of hard booger loogy

ohyes. if you could be successful at catching your arm accidentally spit boogies in your bare hand.
why would you not want to try.
and as it dripped down my fingers i thought to myself..
this is gross.
i should have just spit directly into the trash can..because no one was around..for me to impress...
with my booger into the trash can aim.
the next time i am standing next to an attractive lady..i will try and shoot my loogy 4 feet into a garbage pale..
and when i make not be too impressed...since i practice;)

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