Saturday, November 27, 2010

opps. there go my knickers

i have not pooped in four an issue..a HUGE issue.
so i resolved that issue..right quick.

8PM - laxatives. + 40 oz of water.

1030PM - a nice jog...let me rumble up all those goodies.
1035PM - i killed my jogging partner with the farts steaming out my butt hole.

i have owned that red hat with the face on it.. + braids == since the age of 3. i can such a delicious smell come out of my butt hole when i have such a caute hat ...i think about that every morning i masturbate

that is what your butt hole looks like when it farts..if you are a girl. i say girl because i drew a vagina.

VAA GINNNNN AAAAAAAAAAA. i like saying it like that.

that is what a dude looks like when he farts. the butt hole smiles.. i have seen it happen.
i go to stomach is in rumbles..i am like...tomorrow morning will be a great one.
it will probably be like a gospel church in my stomach...
yeah..just the thought of that makes me smile.
aww. yep.

i get up to go pee. do not see what happened?

that brown mark. i think it is a poop smudge.
after i saw it..since my knickers were already off..since that is how i crap. no pants. no knickers.
i smelled it.
tasted it.
i just could not tell.
it tasted like thanksgiving dinner to me.
so after i peed..i kept thinking..great..if i go back to bed...will i wake up with a puddle of poo.
so i went back to bed to test my experiment.
hoping i would be swimming when i woke up..

so i woke up and...

who wants to come over for a party?

it felt so good. so good that i took the mirror out of the drawer
and watched each drop shoot out of my butt.
everyone should get a joy watching their own sludge drip.

fondu party any one;)


  1. I really like that you illustrated this. :D

  2. :O) i am glad you enjoyed my illustrations. i am quite the paint artist