Saturday, March 26, 2011

if you poop on the floor. get outta skoool.

i do not care if you are 16 years old telling me your father is the best cleaner in the world.
and that if there are hundreds of tiny pieces of papers on the ground.... he can get his push broom.
and clean them ALL up. and he gets EVERY piece of paper on that floor.
i will even seem thrilled that he does this..and overly excited, "wow, really! that is excellent. i am sure he makes you super proud<3! what a great worker".
so basically what i am saying is..i can accept, respect, and tolerate those who are dumb.
i was going to use retard..but than i was like, that may be a little harsh. no.
i can accept, respect, and tolerate those who ...yes, are retarded. 
just kidding.
special needs. :o)
not their fault their momma ate crack. drop kicked their heads.
okay. let me get to the point.
if you poop on the floor. get outtaaa skool.
when you are 16...and crapping on the floor in a public restroom. i think the time to go back into diapers is saying...HEYYYYY.

i do not wanna clean that up. 
little hershey drops on the floor. i mean, i was definitely tempted to pick them up...pick them up?
i could not do that...they were liquid hershey drops.
i mean...suck them up with a straw

better than a chocolate drop. makin me wanna pull out my straw and stop.
suck it up. drink it down. baby you just pull down your pants and take that stance.
straddle and raddle. those turds right out. because dang imma thirsty so i need you to squirty.

the best part...he did not only crap on the floor. he stepped in it..
little poop foot steps.
you know that jesus footprint , well known print..everyone - 45 and older has in their house.
yeah. i think he wanted to make brown foot prints just like jesus.
except..jesus walked in the sand. living the life.
you just walkin in your own turds smellin up your shoes.
so yes.
this is to you.
thank you very ..very..very much.
for letting me know exactly where you were off to after you crapped on the floor.
i enjoyed sanitizing every drop. and every step down the hall.

yes. [x]. and after i was done...with that.
the stall next to it..yes. had crap in it...brown paper towel. and toilet paper.
naturally. i could only do one thing.
that is ..put on a nice plastic glove.....and hope that the water did not leak over my glove..and fill my hand with poop water.
a little poop swimming pool was not welcome in my hand.
pulled it out. which ..i should have known..never works.

" but i pulled are you pregnant... "

so i flushed..and there it went...hello over flow..
poop water splashin on the floor.
days like this. let me tell you. i live for them...i bottled up that poop water to use as
a beautiful face wash for later.
if sperm works.
than digested food should work just as well<3.

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