Saturday, February 5, 2011

water poop.

sometimes i have to crap. and can not.
actually. i have told the doctors i am super irregular and i know the proper diet while drinking water would help out with that..except - i hate drinking water. disgusting.
instead. i would rather shove water up my butt hole than shove it down my mouth.
it is going into a hole. just probably not the usual one.


now that we all know what kind of things i enjoy ;) we can continue.
just kidding. i do not like anal play. 
do not poke me in the rear. i thank you in advance.
i have a bottle. yes. i reuse this bottle. you see ...the , whatever is in an enema, hurts the stomach.
it might break down the crap but...i prefer no stomach ache. if i am going to have a stomach will be because..

i ate this. three times in one day. it will not be because i shoved chemicals up my butt hole... hoping to make my hard poops into hot i can finally eat a banana split. ya hear me. 
instead. here comes the good part.
i reuse the same enema bottle. over and over again.
i put it back into the box. and put it under the sink. where it lives until the next time .

if i think about is quite disgusting. i keep putting this nozzle up my crapper that has had crap all around it. 
but i like it.

my stomach hurts. i enter the bathroom.
take my pants off. fill my bottle with nuke warm water..
bend over and insert.
take it out and..


a nice poop surprise on every end. that is how i know to think..
"woooftaa. good thing i am doing this now..i might have actually pooped by  myself in an hour"
team work.
i wipe off that end after smelling it.
no. i do not smell it. 
i give it a taste

"SEWAGE. just as i expected."
i fill it back up with water. squeeze it into my butt hole.
fill it back up with water. and again. squeeze it into my butt hole.
yep you got it.

three bottles of water. 24 ounces...all up in my butt hole.
the challenge. 
holding it all in without any of it dripping down my leg.

as a matter of fact.
i generally hope poopy water does not drip down my leg. i think it might fall onto the white rug.
sometimes i have so much poop inside..that three bottles is a little much.
and it squirts out my butt hole. and i squirm to hold it in.
but i am usually successful.
and after a few minutes goes by.
if all of the water has not dripped down my leg.
i sit on the toilet. spread my cheeks.
grab the mirror that i have placed on the counter sink so i can watch my poop stream out of me.
and place that mirror in front of my crotch.
angle it right.
and let it gooooo.

i am unsure why i enjoy watching crap fall out of my behind.
but i enjoy it. 
maybe you will see me on that show where people sleep with blow driers and eat couch cushion.
keep your eyes open.


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