Monday, June 27, 2011

is that your crap?

.."reychl..there has been an accident in the restroom across from the gym"


i ..of course...grab my mop bucket...disinfectant...and..never forget the gloves...slap those bad boys on..and we are ready for a cavity i roll this yellow bucket...whose wheel keeps getting stuck to the bathroom...i am like..great..JUST GREAT.
"i am so sorry reychl..."
yep..that is what i hear walking towards the bathroom.....and the person who said it..well could only mean one thing...ONE THING...

yes...thankyou sooo soo much...i could smell your crap before i even unlocked the door..and as i walk in...i hear.. 
"you can come is fine..i mean..he has no pants that okay?..he has a long shirt on though..."
me - " that is alright..just here to clean up some crap that i can smell all the way down the hall"
..just kidding. i did not say that..but i wanted to..because ...
it smelled..soo ..sooo bad ..and as i walked in...and got closer.closer.closer..
i coudl see ..little soft ..what resembled..Beebees...yes...small pellets..all up in the poop.
nice...brown crap...with a hint of yellow/brown pellets...
he probably ate them will accent my crap so very nicely as reychl picks it up with her hands.
and as i was scooping up the piles of diarrhea..chunky diarrhea...
i was gloves did not have a hole in them. since i forgot to check.

and as i am almost finished...i could not help myself look at this poop closely...what was seriously in it..i would have asked..but unfortunately...the man that pooped on the ground was wearing no pants ..or knickers..and 
well..i could not look at him..and ask that question...
so instead..i looked at it closer...and as the woman went to go get him new clothes...i took a picture of the poop so i could blow it up and send it into ncsi; bathroom edition

i finally finished spraying the floor and wiping up poop that had gotten in between tile..of course..i should have left it there for a little souvie. maybe the ants would have liked a little mudd pie.
he walked over to the stall..where he eventually finished dumping his load...and stepped in the other pile..
now you have crap no the bottom of your foot..which is soo attractive..but now..
now i have to clean up..crap foot prints..ONCE AGAIN.

thank you ..and i appreciate your service. next time..please eat pumpkin seeds whole so i can rinse out your poop and have a snack while cleaning up your insides waste.


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