Thursday, October 28, 2010

coin slots lookN brown are sexiii

i just thought of this because well...the tag of my knickers was itching the top of my coin slot today.
i enjoy that term.
coin slot..mainly because lindsay lohans SNL skit..which was hilarious.
coin slot cream..for all those people whose butt cracks leak over their jeans..

ohyes. so as the tag itched me...i was like..i am soo glad this is not itching the same time as my butt crack.
because when my hair grows back in the crack of my tucas.
it totally itches.
because well.. i have hair in my butt crack. but not anymore..
because i take it away from its natural habitat.
sooo longggg hair.

but than that got me thinking.
of the term... brown eyed monster.
the one eyed monster
THE  brown eyed monster
i tried drawing an eye in the butt hole. 
i give myself an A+.

and while thinking of that...i went into my bedroom..
dropped trow....bent over...and totally spread my butt cheeks ...hello brown nice to meet you.
i butt crack is not that dark..i would never get my butt crack bleached..because it looks good to me. i have a fine looking crack of brownies.
not saying if your butt crack is should get it bleached..because i would not care.
i only care if you can clap that booty...if you can do that.
and those cheeks can gitty up in my face...DONE.

but than i saw my mole ..right inside my crack...and you know what THIS reminded me of.
peeing on my sister... in the bath when i was 7.

no worries. she got me back - guessed it..she pushed me down the stairs naked ....
so what i am trying to get at is..
when your butt crack is probably because you have dried poop in your tucas crack ..because your sister placed it there while you were sleeping to get back at you when you pooped on her as a child.


  1. The updates come faster and faster. I love it! How do you get rid of the tucas hair? Waxing or shaving? I want to do the same, but I don't know where to begin.

  2. you can wax...or shave!:O) go get a brazillian boy. hahah. i shave it off..seee ya little guys.
    oh my. you should plush each individual hair. that seems more fun. ha