Wednesday, October 27, 2010

dip and check. splash and catch

and by dip and check...i simply mean...
:o) you never have to be curious what you taste like again.
if you just taste yourself from the beginning<3.
and if you want to surprise your banging buddy and give them a laugh.
eat broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage and lots o' dairy :O) :O) :O)
make your vagina seem like a monster.
your vaginas a monster. ohhohhh. i can see this spin on a gaga song.
although i would rather gaga spin on me
or sit on me

do not worry fellas. i will not leave you out.
get your aim on...and see what you want your partner to swallow - for your own selfish pleasure. ;)
mmm. i like selfish<3 
i hear scrotum sac smells like tacos....which is awesome. because a pussy is a taco...
so if a bag of balls is a taco...
it is like. ohh no...who am i having sex with. i have no idea.
it all looks and smells like a taco.
i am so confused.

you are so fun.
fun enough to go dip and check.
splash and catch.
BANGING YOURSELF TIME. is all the time.


  1. I made the mistake of trying this just after an intimate moment while still with my partner. She was completely disgusted and *actually aangry with me. What followed was quite the conversation.

  2. haha. really? you tasted her...or you tasted yourself. because sometimes i find it sexy when a girl bangs me and sexually licks her fingers.

  3. I'm tasting her any chance I get. This one time though, I tried to taste myself.

  4. ;) haha. whoops! i guess not everyone is so open minded...but they should be! and hopefully , "quite the conversation" turned into her understanding you!