Sunday, October 24, 2010

this has nothing to do with poop

i am sure you have thought about something..and than realized..oh wow..i am stupid.
and if you have not done this.
you are clearly not thinking about much.
because i can not be the only person who is THIS amazing.

i will give you an example.
the other day...i was thinking about a high five.
yes..thinking about running up to some friends and leaping into the air...and having our wrists break from the impact of that high five.

and than it hit me.

you ALWAYS give a high five HIGH.
and you always give it with your entire hand.
 that has five fingers...WHOLY CRAP.
a high...five...

please tell me i am not the only person to have thought of this..
at the age of 24...

unlesssss! it is like a hi hug! it like a hi, instead of a verbal is a hand slap saying a hi ..with a hand..
now i am confused..

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